School Field Trips

Let’s all go to the country!  Let’s all go to the farm!

The farm will host school groups for field trips Tuesday through Thursday.  Please call for reservations.    We have lots of room for buses to park.  We have several large picnic tables if you would like to eat a snack, lunch, or both.  Restroom facilities are available.  Groups may reserve campsites if you would like to cook your own hot dogs and roast marshmallows.   Campsites are $40 extra.  Please let us know ahead of time if you want a campsite.   Teachers are free with school groups.  Parents and siblings will get the discount rate the same as students.  Teachers please pay the total at one time for your students.  We are prepared to entertain very large groups of students.  We have enough activities  to divide the classes into separate groups and rotate all groups through different attractions to keep everybody busy and entertained all day.   One free, small pumpkin for each student.  Please give us a call, we would love to have you on our farm.

Students – $5                                     I got my pumpkin!
Teachers – Free                                                                      Phone:  417.326.6758
Parents and Siblings -$5                                                Call For Reservations Now!
Non Students – Age 3 and under are free

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